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LumaVox provides video production, video marketing services, and video live streaming services
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Don Tracy
Don Tracy
Don has been creating visual content and solving visual communication problems for the advertising, corporate, and editorial markets for over 35 years. In both photography and video production, he gets to the heart of his client’s communications needs and hands back finished content that tells their story and gets results.

He is Inbound Certified by HubSpot Academy, for the methodology of inbound marketing.

Don is an FAA certified commercial drone pilot and has hundreds of hours of time as pilot in command, both as a private pilot and as a drone pilot in command.

Don Tracy Certification
Wendy Tracy
Wendy Tracy
Wendy has been a film and television producer, director, writer and camera operator for nearly 30 years. In the course of her career, she has lived and worked in three foreign countries and has produced award-winning programming in more than 50 countries. She has produced 35 mm feature films, television series and documentaries as well as undercover investigative reporting, corporate training, large event coverage with multi-cameras, and commercials.

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