Drone Videography and Photography Services

LumaVox now offers drone videography and photography services.

Don Tracy is an FAA certified commercial drone pilot. He has hundreds of hours of pilot in command time, including hours as a private pilot as well as a drone pilot in command.

LumaVox is fully insured and FAA certified. We produce stunning aerial drone videography and photography for your project, with the peace of mind that comes from working with experienced certified professionals.

We’re located in South East Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia, and service the region as well as clients nationally and internationally.

DJI Drones

LumaVox uses DJI drones for videography and photography.

HD and 4K Cameras

We capture all aerial footage with cameras in either HD or 4K format.

Experienced Crew

We’re FAA certified for directing commercial drone videography and photography flights.


LumaVox drone videography.

Yes. In order to operate a drone for commercial purposes the pilot in command must have an FAA Part 107 certification.

Modern drone technology is very reliable. Our three rules for drone operation are safety, safety, safety. We follow all FAA rules regarding airspace clearances, weather, and ground safety. For example, we do not fly over crowds of people or over any person not involved in our production. We always fly with visual sight of our drone. We contact every airport and heliport within five miles of our operating area. We want to capture the best possible footage, and we do so while operating in a safe manner.

We can record in either HD or 4K. Due to post production workflow issues we recommend shooting in HD, unless there is a specific need for 4K footage.

Yes. We can both record video and shoot still images on the same flight.

We shoot still photos in 4000×3000.

We can fly during the day, as well as 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset. Our drone has the proper anti-collision lighting required by the FAA for flying during the twilight periods.