Live Streaming Video Production Services

LumaVox live streaming video production services can cover your next company meeting, presentation, training or corporate event
professionally and affordably. Whether your needs require just one camera or multiple cameras, LumaVox can
make you and your company shine.

By utilizing our expertise in video production for corporate clients, LumaVox can help you reach your
stakeholders, employees, and customers anywhere in the world with video live streaming.

LumaVox produces high quality video and audio live streaming that we can distribute on various platforms instantaneously,
as well as archive. This helps ensure that your intended audience receives your message whenever and wherever they are!

We’re located in South East Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia, and service the region as well as clients nationally and internationally.

Blackmagic Streaming Equipment

LumaVox uses Blackmagic ATEM switching equipment, encoders, and archive decks.

HD Cameras

We capture all streaming footage with HD cameras. The HD footage can later be uploaded.

Experienced Crew

We have extensive experience in both broadcast TV and corporate events.


LumaVox Video Live Streaming Photo

We can stream to any platform where you have a streaming account. That includes Facebook, YouTube, LiveStream, Periscope, as well as DaCast, among others.

Yes. We can certainly help you setup a streaming account on one of the platforms if you don’t already have one.

Yes. In fact we can stream to our partner platform that has a paywall account so that you can charge viewers without needing to setup your own account.

Indeed, you will need an internet connection at your location to live stream. A wifi connection will work in a pinch, however we strongly recommend a hard wired ethernet connection for best results.

At the present time, we recommend streaming in 720p. All things considered, it provides the best results with latency, and for certain platforms will have the lowest cost for streaming due to bandwidth.

We will archive your live streaming in HD. Later, we can then upload the HD format to a platform of your choice, such as YouTube for later HD viewing.

Yes. With our Blackmagic system we can add graphic transitions, as well as lower thirds.

LumaVox Live Streaming Video Production Packages


$1000Half Day
  • Half Day
  • 720p Streaming – HD archived
  • One Camera
  • One Person Crew
  • Archived HD Uploaded Later to Your Platform
  • .


$2500Half Day
  • Half Day
  • 720p Streaming – HD archived
  • Two Cameras and Transitions
  • Two Person Crew
  • Graphics and Lower Thirds Transitions
  • Archived HD Uploaded Later to Your Platform


$5000Full Day
  • Full Day
  • 720p Streaming – HD archived
  • Three Cameras and Transitions
  • Three Person Crew
  • Graphics and Lower Thirds Transitions
  • Archived HD Uploaded Later to Your Platform

We also offer custom live streaming productions tailored just for you. Contact us now to get started on an estimate.

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