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19 02, 2018

Online Marketing for Local Small Business

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Online Marketing for Local Small Business


You know the old ways of marketing for small business such as print, TV, and radio don’t work as well as they use to. We’re in the digital age now. So what do you do to take advantage of the opportunities in online marketing? Here are posts from two resources with information on online marketing for local small business.

Does Google Rank Still Matter?

Google continues to change its search engine algorithm, and as Google goes so goes the rest of the industry. Matthew Barby at HubSpot suggests that overall keyword ranking won’t be as important going forward. Instead, searches will show results based on previous search history, as well as being device specific and geo targeted.

“Ultimately, Google will deliver results that are personalized to a user based on their search history. This means that if I were to search for a query like “electric cars” and I’d previously been browsing the Tesla website, it’s a possibility that Google would tailor the rankings of the search results to show Tesla near the top.” — Matthew Barby

Help With Online Reviews

The folks at Small Business Trends have advice on how to earn more online reviews.
They include:

So keep focusing on creating content with keywords and keyword phrases, but realize that as we move forward Google will consider these keywords within the context of the searchers history, device, and location.

Manage your reviews. You know the pluses and minuses of reviews. In the long run, it’s important to stay on top of them.

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