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14 03, 2018

Small Business and Marketing Courses

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Small Business and Marketing Courses

Small Business and Marketing Courses

There’s a growing number of sources offering online small business and marketing courses. As a result it’s becoming easier to learn the strategies a small business needs to successfully market in the new reality. With this in mind, I’ve listed five here, including two that I’ve taken myself and three that come recommended.

The Udemy Online Learning Platform

Udemy is an online learning platform aimed at professional adults.  They have nearly two thousand courses in marketing including courses in marketing strategy and email marketing.

I’ve taken the course there taught by Seth Godin, a guru in the field of marketing in the internet age. If you’re a freelancer, Seth’s course for freelancers and how to market freelance work is excellent. I recommend it. Seth also offers courses titled “Presenting to Persuade” and “Value Creation Master Class”. Courses Using Video was one of the first sites that used video to teach courses. The original courses taught how to use editing programs for photography and video such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere.

The company was started in the mid 1995 by a woman actually named Lynda. In 2015 Lynda Weinman and her husband sold to LinkedIn for 1.5 Billion dollars!

Since they started offering online video courses in 2002, has been the go to site for photographers and videographers looking for courses on software and on techniques for photography and video. has now expanded their selection to include small business and marketing courses.

Hubspot for Inbound Marketing and Sales

There are a number of good Customer Relationship Management platforms available today. A CRM is needed for managing email marketing campaigns as well as social media and advertising campaigns.
Some good CRMs include:

Here at LumaVox we’ve used both Insightly and Base in the past. Now we’re using HubSpot to both manage our client relationships and grow our business.

HubSpot hosts a learning academy at their site with small business and marketing courses. I earned certification at the HubSpot Academy for the methodology of inbound marketing and can highly recommend them.

Copyblogger Content Creation Course

Copyblogger was recommended to me as a site for learning content creation. For instance, they offer courses and information about copywriting for blogging as well as information about podcasting.

Google Marketing Course

Google continuously changes their search algorithm. Therefore, it’s necessary to stay on top of the best practices for ranking in Google. Certainly Google rank still matters, even with the changes taking place that affect search results such as your location and search history.

Of course the most direct and measurable marketing on Google continues to be with paid ads using Adwords. In fact, an Adwords campaign gives you the numbers to measure your ROI. Generally speaking, the more sophisticated you are at running an Adwords campaign, the lower the cost of converting a lead.

Google offers an Adwords Certification course. Best of all it’s free!

Get Started With Small Business and Marketing Courses

The old adage about seminars and courses is true; if you learn just one new thing it’s worth the time and effort. So decide on one thing that you need to improve on in marketing your business and then find an online course to help you get up to speed with skills to execute that change.

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19 02, 2018

Online Marketing for Local Small Business

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Online Marketing for Local Small Business


You know the old ways of marketing for small business such as print, TV, and radio don’t work as well as they use to. We’re in the digital age now. So what do you do to take advantage of the opportunities in online marketing? Here are posts from two resources with information on online marketing for local small business.

Does Google Rank Still Matter?

Google continues to change its search engine algorithm, and as Google goes so goes the rest of the industry. Matthew Barby at HubSpot suggests that overall keyword ranking won’t be as important going forward. Instead, searches will show results based on previous search history, as well as being device specific and geo targeted.

“Ultimately, Google will deliver results that are personalized to a user based on their search history. This means that if I were to search for a query like “electric cars” and I’d previously been browsing the Tesla website, it’s a possibility that Google would tailor the rankings of the search results to show Tesla near the top.” — Matthew Barby

Help With Online Reviews

The folks at Small Business Trends have advice on how to earn more online reviews.
They include:

So keep focusing on creating content with keywords and keyword phrases, but realize that as we move forward Google will consider these keywords within the context of the searchers history, device, and location.

Manage your reviews. You know the pluses and minuses of reviews. In the long run, it’s important to stay on top of them.

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