How Long Does It Take to Produce a Minute of Video

How Long Does It Take to Produce a Minute of Video LumaVox

How long does it take to produce a minute of video? Of course the smart aleck answer is that it takes anywhere from one minute to years and years.

Obviously, there are many variables that go into a one minute video. So you’d need to know all the variables to know how long it would take to produce one minute.

In this case, let’s look at the variables that go into a standard one minute “call to action” video for a restaurant. A “call to action” video has an ending that asks the viewer to take a concrete action, such as call the restaurant or stop in.

An Example of a One Minute Video for a Restaurant

Here’s a video we produced for Encore Fine Food and Spirits, located in Jim Thorpe, PA. It’s a good example of a “call to action” video for a restaurant. We ask at the end to take a concrete action. It runs a bit longer than one minute, but it will serve the purpose of laying out the steps and time involved for producing a minute of video.

Pre-Produce and Film the Video

The time estimate here is for a one person location shoot. The equipment is a 3 point interview lighting setup, as well as a lav mic on the subject, and a HD camera on a tripod for the interview, with a mix of camera on tripod and hand held for the b-roll.

  • Research the client and their business to understand their product and service – 1 hour
  • Phone call with the client – 30 minutes
  • Write the script – 1 hour
  • Drive to the location – varies
  • Sit down with the client to go over paperwork, releases, and the process of filming – 30 minutes
  • Setup for interview – 15 minutes
  • Film the interview – 30 minutes
  • Film b-roll – varies, but plan on 1.5 hours
  • Pack up – 15 minutes
  • Drive back – varies

So the total time for pre-production and filming the one minute video, not counting travel time, is: 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Edit the Video

The estimated time for editing this project assumes one dialog track, together with one music track, 3 to 5 second b-roll clips, as well as straight forward lower thirds graphics and logo graphics.

  • Download the files and setup project on Premiere Pro– 15 minutes
  • Edit the interview track – 1 hours
  • Choose and add music track – 30 minutes
  • Add b-roll clips – 1 hour
  • Add graphics and lower thirds – 1 hour
  • Color correct, adjust framing, add motion to clips, add transitions – 1 hour
  • Export and upload the file – 30 minutes

So the total time for editing the one minute video is: 5 hours.

Editing Rounds

Of course you have to budget time for editing changes. Examples of typical changes include misspelled names and switching out b-roll clips.

  • Fix typos, change out b-roll clips – 1 hour
  • Export and upload the file – 30 minutes

The total time for editing round changes is: 1 hours and 30 minutes.

It Takes a While to Produce a Minute of Video

So in total it takes about 12 hours to produce a restaurant “call to action” video similar to the one posted above. And that 12 hours doesn’t include the travel time to and from the location. Therefore counting travel time, it’s about two work days to produce one minute of video as shown above.

Have we produced a minute of video faster? Indeed. Can it take longer? Certainly!

Again, there are many variables on estimating time for a film production. In the case of restaurant “call to action” videos, we find that budgeting two days for a minute of finished video usually works out well.

Featured photo courtesy of RawFilm.