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27 02, 2018

How Effective Is Video Marketing

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How Effective Is Video Marketing

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In online marketing today, content is king. Most of all, video content is a key component of small business marketing. So how effective is video marketing for small business?

Video Trends

Video content is increasing across all social media channels. In addition, this is true for both organic posts as well as for paid advertising. Businesses spend significant time and money now producing video for their online marketing campaigns. Seems like something must be working right.

Here are some video and video marketing trends that we’ll see going forward.

Advantages of Video in Small Business Marketing

  • YouTube is now the second largest search engine. Therefore, you should have a video presence on YouTube, and other sites such as Vimeo. Most of all you will increase traffic from searches.
  • Become the expert in your field by regularly posting explainer videos on YouTube and Vimeo. You will probably increase your organic search results.
  • Start producing video relatively inexpensively. Begin by using technology you probably already have. Just add a few accessories to your smartphone to dramatically increase quality.

Video Marketing is the Way Forward

Finally, how effective is video marketing for small business? It is not only very effective, but most of all it is necessary for small business marketing going forward. The written word will not go away, therefore you should be continuously creating written content. Yet video will continue to play an increasing role in marketing your small business.

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14 02, 2018

How To Do Video Content Marketing

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How To Do Video Content Marketing

Use Video Content Marketing to Reach Your Customers

You know what’s changed. Everything is going digital. The old ways of advertising aren’t working anymore. But how does your small business start taking advantage of this new marketing reality? Video content marketing is one solution.

When you started in business you probably used an advertising technique called outbound marketing. In the pre-digital age, outbound marketing worked very well.

Outbound marketing includes:

  • Print
  • TV
  • Radio

In the digital age we’re in now though, outbound marketing is becoming more and more disruptive for consumers. Your customers will listen to you if they give you permission. A powerful way to do that is by offering video content.

The good news is that if you have a smartphone with a video camera, you can start video content marketing to your current customers and leads today by offering video content.

Two Sites to Publish Video Content for Marketing



YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the internet. Think about that. What do you do when you want to find a do it yourself solution to some project you’re working on? Chances are you go to YouTube to find a DIY video.

Now think about how your business could add YouTube videos about your area of expertise.

So  where do you start?

  • Use your smartphone and record a series of videos each teaching about a specific part of your industry
  • Upload one video per day, or per week, or per month. What matters is to make the uploads consistent
  • Then share those uploads on your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



Love it or hate it, Facebook is still the number one social media channel for Baby Boomers and Generation X. That means that video marketing content you post to your page on Facebook will help with your engagement with your customers and leads in these demographics.

Facebook recently changed their algorithm to show fewer videos. We don’t know the full effect of this yet. But it in no way means that you can’t still use Facebook to reach your audience using video content. If you’re advertising on Facebook, video content should still be very effective at grabbing your audience’s attention.

So take out your smartphone video camera and:

  • Record and share special events and promotions your business is offering
  • Live stream your events
  • Use your smartphone video to post as lead generating ads on Facebook

Get Started!

So whether you publish explainer videos to YouTube or business news updates to Facebook, take out your smartphone and start shooting your video content. The age of outbound marketing is over. Upload your videos and start talking to your customers and leads using the new methods of video content marketing!


Photo courtesy of Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash